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With this cookie policy we would like to provide you with more information about the use of cookies and other tracking tools in use on
B-ETHNICBEE uses these technologies primarily to make your experience on the site simpler and more intuitive and to provide you with a more pleasant and efficient browsing experience. B-ETHNICBEE at its discretion and at any time, may change, add or remove portions of the Cookie policy.
We encourage you, therefore, to check this Cookie policy periodically.
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  1. Cookies and similar technologies
    Cookies are small text files sent from the site to your device and stored on your device, to be retransmitted on each subsequent visit.
  2. Data sources
    Cookies can be classified according to the entity that acts as the controller of the personal data collected through the cookie, distinguishing between cookies generated directly by the entity managing the site visited by the user (so-called first-party cookies) and third-party cookies, i.e., from sites other than the one being browsed. In particular, third-party cookies come from external domains and are installed on the device by third-party sites. Cookies are, moreover, usually divided into two macro-categories: technical cookies (a category that in turn includes most analytical cookies) and profiling cookies.
    1. Technical cookies
      Technical cookies are used for the sole purpose of optimizing your navigation on the site and to enable B-ETHNICBEE to provide you with the requested services. Technical cookies used on the site can be further distinguished into:
      • Strictly necessary cookies
        These cookies are necessary to enable you to navigate the site and for it to function properly. They do not store personal information and are set only in response to your actions (such as, for example, setting privacy preferences, logging in, or filling out forms).
        Browsing cookies are normally session cookies and, therefore, are deleted once you close your browsing browser. You can, also, set the browser you use for browsing to block or have warnings about these cookies, but consequently some parts of the Site may not work or work incorrectly.
      • Performance (statistics) or analytical cookies
        These cookies allow us to collect statistical information, in an anonymous and aggregate form, about the number of users accessing the site and how they use and interact with it. This allows us to improve the performance and services of our site.
      • Preferences (or functionality) cookies
        These cookies allow us to provide you with enhanced functionality and personalization. In particular, they are used for the purpose of storing certain of your preferences and information (e.g., language, country of origin, products selected for purchase) without you having to re-enter them on subsequent visits. Functionality cookies are often persistent cookies: they remain stored on your device even after you close your browser, until the expiration date for them or until you decide to delete them. If you do not allow these cookies, some or all of the services may not function properly.
    2. Profiling cookies
      B-ETHNICBEE does not use profiling cookies.
      Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles about you and are used in order to send you advertising messages in line with your preferences expressed as part of your web browsing. These cookies may be set through our site by our advertising partners. They can be used by these companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant ads on other sites. The use of profiling cookies and other tracking tools requires the prior acquisition of your free consent. If you do not consent to the use of these cookies, you will not be shown or sent personalized ads or have profiles created based on your interests. Refusal or withdrawal of consent, however, will not interfere with your ability to access or navigate the site.
  3. Cookies processed
    The Site installs the following types of Cookies:
    Cookie Type Description Retention Consent
    _ga_* // Google Analytics Google Analytics sets this cookie to store and count page views. 1 year 1 month 4 days Requested
    _ga // Google Analytics Google Analytics sets this cookie to calculate visitor, session and campaign data and track site usage for the site's analytics report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognise unique visitors. 1 year 1 month 4 days Requested
    cookieyes-consent //Cookieyes Technical CookieYes sets this cookie to remember users' consent preferences so that their preferences are respected on subsequent visits to this site. It does not collect or store any personal information about the site visitors. 1 year Not Requested
  4. How can you manage cookies?
    You can deny your consent and/or change your options regarding the site's use of cookies at any time via the Cookie Managing Platform banner . Please be aware, however, that disabling certain types of cookies may affect your navigation on the site and use of related services. You can also remove existing cookies and block the installation of new cookies through your browser settings. With particular reference to third-party cookies, please note that if you have previously provided consent, you must proceed to their deletion through your browser or by requesting opt-out directly from the third parties or through the website: The procedure for managing your preferences in relation to cookies is different for each browser. Therefore, instructions for the most popular browsers are given below:

    • Microsoft Windows Explorer:
    • Google Chrome:
    • Mozilla Firefox:
    • Apple Safari:
    • Opera: